Bouncer's Done & Dusted

Bouncer's Done & Dusted

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Bouncer's Quick Detailer, the aim was to create the ideal quick detailer and gloss enhancer that is simple to use, doesn't smear and is friendly on all surfaces and leaves protection behind with every wipe. We think that this has been achieved. Done & Dusted is an all-rounder with pleasing results on paintwork, glass, plastics, wheels and trims.

Bouncer’s ‘Done & Dusted’ has caused quite a stir, Achieving #1 spot in youtube product tests and getting a 9.3 out of 10 on the Trusted Car Care products independent test website including product of the year nominations. A water based, cross polymer based QD it offers high gloss on paintwork, glass and piano style plastics. It can also be used on all exterior surfaces. It offers anti static properties and is anti smear. It’s absolute speed of use combined with a layer of protection and immediate gloss levels have placed this QD at the top of a lot of professional detailers ‘go to ‘ list.


- Ideal for use on a number of surfaces including paintwork, glass and plastics
- Simple to use, Impressive gloss finish. Doesn't smear
- Compliments all waxes and sealants
- Offers additional protection

500ml Bottle has Sprayhead included