Detail Freaks Neon Pink Wheel Cleaner

Detail Freaks Neon Pink Wheel Cleaner

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The Detail Freak's Neon Pink Wheel Cleaner is the ultimate way to achieve perfect clean alloys. Neon Pink is a gel consistency that when sprayed is a neon pink colour so you can easily see the coverage of the product. Neon Pink will dissolve brake dust while also breaking down traffic film and soiling.

The gel consistency ensures maximum contact time and cleaning power.

Ready to use, no need to dilute.

Do not allow to dry, be careful when using in hot weather! 


How to Use:

1) Spray across your alloy wheels.

2) Leave to dwell for a few minutes agitating with a detailing brush if needed.

3) Rinse the cleaner off with water.

4) Repeat if necessary.