ODK Envious Hybrid Polymer Sealant

ODK Envious Hybrid Polymer Sealant

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Envious is a hybrid polymer sealant that gives a high gloss finish whilst adding super hydrophobic properties to your paintwork.

With this blend we wanted to create a high performing wax with high
performing water behaviour. Envious creates a high repelling surface coating due to its synthetic wax and ceramic polymer backbone.

We also wanted to create a wax that was easy to use, have a longer cure time and give gloss, water behaviour and durability in one product. Envious will cure in 10-20 minutes depending on temperatures.

Leave an hour between coats, we recommend two coats for maximum coverage and protection.

GLOSS                    *****

DURABILITY           ****

APPLICATION        *****

REMOVAL               *****

FINISH                     *****