First blog!

Hello all and welcome to the first blog from us here at Motor Spa! If you’ve even made it to this page then I applaud you.  The aim with a blog is just to bring people an insight of what we’re up to and what goes on at HQ that not everyone sees! I’ll aim to do a couple of these a month for those (1 or 2) people that may read it! 

Kicking off the first blog here in December, we’d love to say we’re getting Christmas ready but so far all we’ve managed is purchasing a Snowman outfit for Matt (our in house SMART paint repairer) ready for the Buckingham Christmas float next weekend.  Other than that, not much Christmas preparation happening, full steam ahead on our valeting, detailing and SMART repairs. 

 Some new services have recently been added and are already proving popular! 
• Calliper paint/refurbishments 

• Powder coating 


I’m also very happy to announce that work is well underway upstairs at the unit, shop fitting has begun and stock is arriving! So if you need anything for your vehicle you know who to call!

As of today an offer has gone live on wheel refurbishments! 10% OFF all refurbs in all finishes;

• painted

• powder coating

• diamond cut 

Also able to repair buckles and cracked wheels! 

Another recent update i‘m very happy to announce is being a finalist in the International Paint assassin award for 2022/23! Fingers are crossed for a win but just incredibly happy to have made it to the final 6!

Anyone who fancies a chat about their vehicle, or wants to see what our new detailing / motor parts accessories store has to offer please feel free to drop in and have a coffee. One of us will always be happy to help.