Ceramic Coating

Protect your vehicle with our industry leading ceramic coating options! 

We’re the area’s leading paint protection specialists, all our ceramic coatings come with a manufacturer backed guarantee.

Our specialist suppliers head hunted ourselves to provide their professional only ceramic coatings to our clients, in doing this we had to pass rigorous training. All of our certification & accreditation paperwork is available on display in our studio. 

• Zirconite UK accredited installers 

• Infinity Wax accredited installers & approved training centre

When a vehicle arrives with us, we deep clean & decontaminate the vehicles exterior, once this is complete we will bring the vehicle into our studio and asses the paintwork. If required / booked for we will then machine polish (either paint enhance or paint correct) the surface.

We will install ceramic coatings to the paintwork. These coatings will not only boost & lock in gloss, but offer protection from an array of contaminants, this ensuring trouble free cleaning.

Paintwork coating options:

1 Year

2 Year

4 Year

6 Year

10 Year

Longevity of the coating may be subject to annual booster coatings to ensure the coating stays at its prime. This will be discussed upon booking and we can add this to your plan if desired!

We also have a whole host of other protection options, not just for paintwork but for all other areas of the vehicles. 

Glass - Our glass protection repels water, dirt, sleet & snow for clearer vision and improved driving visibility.

Wheels & callipers - Our wheel & calliper product chemical bonds to wheel surfaces to ensure ultimate durability
Withstands high temperatures and harsh chemicals, making it an ideal solution for hard-working wheels.
Surface rheology provides excellent brake dust, stain and contaminant resistance, making surfaces much easier to clean and maintain.

Leather - Long-life protection to most types of leather upholstery and trim (inc. vegan leather) Treated surfaces are coated with an invisible and breathable barrier which helps to prevent staining from spillages etc. Advanced UV screening technology prevents fading and maintains the original factory colour. Leaves treated surfaces with an ‘as new’ matt finish and feel.

Fabric - Treated interior surfaces repel dirt and grime to extend fabric and carpet life, allowing for quicker and easier cleaning and maintenance. Drink spills? Fear not!