Detailing Training

Oli Marku (Left) and Michael Cipriani (Right) from Infinity Wax. 

We are very happy to announce that we are the UK's training centre for Infinity Wax! We offer a wide range of training options so will always have something to suit you, from back-to-basics courses, right up to learning the art of machine polishing and applying ceramic coatings!

Training Packages:


Initial requirements: None

Cost: £50 + VAT

Duration: 1 Day 

  • Learn the early stages of a detail, how to correctly wash and decontaminate a vehicle safely in our purpose built indoor wash bay, moving onto engine bay detailing, how to apply sealants & waxes, and a look into different dressings & finishing products.
  • This is a day course, hot and cold drinks provided throughout the day, lunch is provided.

Hot and cold drinks provided, lunch also provided.


Intermediate Course - Machine Polishing Confidence

Initial requirements: Understanding of decontamination process

Cost: £350 + vat

Duration: 1 Day 

  • This course starts with a discussion about different paint types, compound and polish types and variation of pads.
  • In the practical part of the course we’d be starting with paintwork inspection, spotting defects, reading paint depths and filling out a defect form.
  • Moving onto preparation for polishing, masking up areas and removing badges (if and when required).
  • Learning the way of a Dual action (DA) polisher, including which pads and polishes to use.
  • Moving on to look at various protection options, both sealants and waxes as well as 1 YEAR coatings.

Hot and cold drinks provided, lunch also provided.


The ULTIMATE Course - A-Z of Car Care

Initial requirements: None

Cost: £700 + vat

Duration: 3-4 Days 

All attendees will receive a certificate of attendance as well as a selection of products to go away with.

Covering a huge range of techniques & methods, including:

  • The correct wash & decontamination processes
  • Engine bay detailing
  • Wheels-off deep cleaning, and how to apply wheel ceramic coatings
  • The differences between clay bars, mitts and blocks
  • Various polishing methods, including rotary & dual action, as well as polish & pad selections
  • A look into wet sanding methods with how to rectify defects and orange peel
  • Ceramic coating application to both bodywork and glass.

Hot and cold drinks provided, lunch also provided.

Sadly, we cannot provide accommodation. However, there are several local hotels, including Premier Inn, Travelodge and Best Western. 

Courses are only held in a maximum groups of 4, with 2 members of staff. If you’d prefer 1:1 please get in touch.


Our training courses are not accreditation courses for neither The Motor Spa or Infinity Wax.

For accreditation courses, please contact a member of the team.

If you want to discuss your training package, please pop in and see us and we can discuss over a coffee!