TMS Wheel Worx

A damaged alloy can certainly ruin the look of your vehicle, however fear not! Here at TMS Wheel Worx we can sort this for you! 

We understand that wheels are very often what makes a car stand out, however a refurbishment may not always be required just for visual improvement but also safety, particularly cars more than a few years old, they can begin to corrode which can cause air loss in tyres, meaning quite regularly we see people who believe they have a puncture but in actual fact, the corrosion can cause regular loss of air which would require a refurbishment, NOT a brand new alloy! 

No matter what wheel finish you’ve got, we’ve got it covered! 

• Powder coat

• Diamond cut 

• Crack weld & repair 

• Buckle straightening 

• Balancing 


To date we’ve carried out hundreds of wheel refurbishments and/or repairs to every type of vehicle on the road, from luxury sports cars to family estate cars. Regardless of the vehicle we carry out the same meticulous process to ensure your alloy wheels look fantastic.

Our process is a quite abit more than just masking up the tyre and sanding out the damage!
  We completely strip the alloy back to bare and start fresh!
Our process consists of - Wheels removed from the vehicle, remove tyres from the alloy, alloy acid stripped & blasted to remove all old paint and corrosion, repair any deep kerb or pothole impact, re-powder coat your chosen colour, bake and then re-diamond cut (if this is the original wheel finish)  

Once cured we refit the tyre, re balance the alloy and refit to the car ensuring we meet the manufacture torque specifications.

We remind all customers that an alloy wheel refurbishment is just that, it’s making good of what was once bad. In some instances, usually with crack repair or diamond cut alloys that one a repair or refurbishment has been carried out some very minor visual changes may be there. I.e visible welds on alloy barrel. With diamond cut, a refurbishment requires a layer of metal to be cut away, the amount of metal cut depends on the severity of the kerb damage and/or corrosion. Some wheels have plenty of ‘metal’ to cut, others may not so much. We will always advise this to you before booking in.

Please contact us or pop in and see us for a discussion and a free, no obligation quote.

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