Infinity Wax QDX Graphene

Infinity Wax QDX Graphene

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The UK's 1st Graphene Enhanced Detail Spray!

QDX Graphene is a creation born from intense research, determination, and extensive testing. Ultimately resulting in the first graphene-enhanced quick detail spray to be manufactured in the UK. 

How To Use:                                                                       

First ensure your vehicle is clean and dry, as always the more preparation you can do to the vehicle prior to application the longer it will last, but as this is a fast and easy product to use this is not essential to still get good results. 

Spray QDX Graphene lightly over the surface of your vehicle ensuring you only work on 1 panel at a time. Usually, 2-3 sprays are more than enough to cover an average-sized car panel. Spread the product using a clean, dry microfibre towel.

Wait 1-3 mins and allow the product to cure. If in direct sunlight it will take much less time so keep a close eye on your work area. 

Buff the cured product off the vehicle using a clean dry microfibre towel, you will feel the slickness building massively during this process. It's also dead easy to remove. 

Tempting as it may be to check out the water beading on this, please allow at least an hour before spraying any water on the product as it takes some time to fully develop on the surface of your paintwork and will be completely bonded after 12 hours. 


Q: How much graphene is in this product?

A: The product works from a 10% active content.


Q: Will the product leave marks on a white car?

A: No, the product colour is natural and free from any dyes or anything that could mark paintwork.


Q: Can it be used on a ceramic coated car?

A: Yes it is safe to use on coated cars, however, we would recommend a non-water based detail spray like synergy QD for best adhesion to the coating. 


Q: How long will it last?

A: All depending on the situation, if it's applied to a car with poor paint condition it would likely last around 6 weeks, on a vehicle with well-prepared paintwork it could last 6 months. This will largely depend on your vehicle but overall it is a very durable product, particularly for a spray. 


Q: Can it be layered on other waxes or its self? 

A: Yes absolutely! It bonds fantastically to its self, making it highly possible to layer this product. It also bonds very well to other waxes, particularly SiO2 based waxes. It would be best used on top of wax rather than underneath.